Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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October 23, 2012 by Scott Innes

Search engines are one of the easiest ways for internet users to find a website. They screen the server and categorize search queries into what the search engine believes is the most relevant and useful websites. The challenge for websites is the optimize the search engine channel to create more viewers to their website. The following are a few steps on how to do this.

The most basic and definitely the most effective way to utilize SEO is to have a good website. Having an enriched website connects the viewer to the site. This will also make sure that the viewers are quality viewers, which should reduce bounce rates. According to, it is important for a website to remain clean, fresh, and attractive. This means providing a clear understanding of who you are, provide quality content, and invite them to come to the website.

The second step is to ensure simple code in the webpages; don’t use numbered pages. Instead, name the page that would help the viewer find your website. Search engine spiders must be able to understand the code, so keep it simple.

The third step is to optimize keywords. These are words that your target market will be inputing into the search engines to find websites. Entire websites can be devoted to keyword optimization as it is a very intricate and important tool. As an administrator, it is important to understand how people search for your content and what keywords are valuable to your website. Business2community provides a basic understanding of what keywords are and how to distinguish between valuable in invaluable keywords. Their example includes searching between “cheap golf lessons” and “golf lessons”. Both results might bring the viewer to your website, but it will be better to focus on “cheap golf lessons” as a keyword as there is much less competition for this.

The fourth step is to receive inbound links from other websites. This is harder than it seems as it is difficult to ask other websites to provide a link to yours, which might take viewers away from their website. A good way to receive inbound links is from social media. Provide simple buttons of the website to allow viewers to share on their favourite social media websites. This will be done be having good content, according to Social Watch.

The final step in SEO is to always be doing these steps. It is not enough to do it once and forget about it. This stuff must be updated frequently.


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